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I've collected model horses since I was a little girl and that is what my web pages are mostly about. My collection isn't as big as some people's, but I have around 150 currently. I recently started showing my models in live and photo shows. I have expanded to remaking and painting resins. I've always loved art work (will try to get some of mine up here) so this is just 3-D art.

I'm attending college at Northwest Nazarene College in Nampa, ID. I really like it here. The atmosphere is great and it really stretches me to greater lengths in my faith. I'm a Biology Bachelor of Science major with a focus of Pre-Veterinary.

I own a real horse named Faline. She is decended to War Admiral (by Man 'O War), Tom Fool and Secretariat and has successfully done everything I have asked of her including jumping, dressage, reining, English and Western Pleasure,  parades and run-ins. She's out in our pasture rotting for now while I'm at college. My Aunt used her last year for dressage and she came home with a nice cooler with "B system Training Level Champion" Emboridered on the side. I'll see if I can get a photo scanned.
Here is a picture of my sweetie. I finally got one uploaded. We are doing a run-in at Waitsburg Days of Real Sport. She's having a blast isn't she?! I am going to breed her this spring (if all goes well) to a regisered paint and hopefully get myself a nice pinto sport horse. Unfortunately, we just found out that she has navicular disease. It is fairly serious and results in lameness that is incurable but may be suspended. Faline was bred on 5-31-00 to a Homozygous Black and White Tobiano Paint named Billy's Black Shoes, out of Spokane. She will hopefully foal in April or early May of 2001. I am very excited. This will be her first foal and it will be registered with the Pinto Horse Association.

She now has her own page of photos, so click on her other picture to see them.

Here is a photo of my pony Cricket and a pony cart I made.  Yes, I'm a girl and I CAN weld. I rather enjoy it too.  Thanks to my shop teacher and all his help in making in working out the fine details.  Cricket isn't a show type Shetland but he is a lot of fun and LOVES to take off down the road and go.  This is a picture at his first Parade.  He did rather well for an unsocialized farm pony!

Here is a picture of my steer Butch. He took Grand Champion FFA Steer at the Spokane Junior Livestock Show. How Butch came about is a very interesting story, let's just call him a wonderful accident. He recieved this placing against 90 other VERY expensive steers and was purchased by George Gee Pontiac, GMC in Spokane to go live with another steer and make guest appearances at the car lot. He was also priveledged to star in that years "Kiss The Cow" contest and the advertisements that went on the TV along with it.  I miss him and I will always have the fond memory of the one time I showed a steer!

Here I will put some photos of other animals we have.
Chip, Mom's Chesapeak Bay Retriever.  He's getting old but is a lot of fun.  He "smiles".  Beside him is my cat Tinker.  We found her as a kitten caught down between the double walls of our barn.  She was quite wild but now she loves me and likes to sit on my shoulder.  Mom says she get cranky when I'm not around.  She lives down at the Veterinary clinic, with another cat who we caught 2 years later and looks almost exactly like her.

And this is Dusty, I used him for Rodeo Court for my first year, and then for my traveling events my second year.  The reason for that was the fact that Faline didn't appreciate being tied at that time and took it as her duty to break lead ropes.  Dusty is worth his weight in gold and puts up with all the 4-H kids, pulls buggies and even has been a mount for a handicaped person therapy ride.  He was perfect, even when some of the other horses were flipping out!


Here's my "Verse of the Year"


Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:11&12

Email me in the meantime if you'd like to know more about me.

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